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Daily Prompt: Isn’t Your Face Red.


Azalea: Wow, the last time I was embarrassed? Ya know, I try to repress these memories! The last embarrassing moment that I can remember was today. (Scarlet says, “What’d you do today?”) I was in my kitchen, all alone, and listening to my music very loud. VERY LOUD. I was singing and dancing. I was JAMMING! I was going hard, headbanging and jumping, and I was supposed to be doing the dishes. Oops. (Scarlet is talking about stinkbugs the entire time I am writing this.) Well just then I looked out the window and there was the UPS guy. Who knows how much he saw!! He dropped our package off and walked away. Yep, you know how I dealt with it? I looked over my shoulder and then continued my routine.



Scarlet: When was the last time I was embarrassed? It was probably last week when my phone dialed my mom in class, it’s been glitching lately. I cracked my screen and it’s been glitching, so it’s doing all kinds of weird things. So it automatically put itself on speakerphone and my mom was yelling my name–Im sorry my sister is eating cottonballs. Wanna say hi?–because she was afraid because I called her and I wasn’t answering her. So, she was just kinda yelling my name and my teacher, Mr. V, asked if I wanted to pick up and go outside and straighten things out with her. But I just completely ignored him and reached down and turned off my phone. And that’s how I dealt with it. (As translated directly through the phone)