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Mini Manuel Memoir #1

Daily Prompt: A to Z from The Daily Post

A long time ago in a land far, far away an old man was crushed by a meteor. Because he was so old, the people of his village did not bother to search for his crushed and possibly incinerated body. Centuries later, the man crawled out from under the meteor as though nothing had happened.

“Danged meter! You done crushed me!” he yelled. Eerie silence greeted him, as the town had disintegrated years ago and the man was alone. For a moment, the man was happy about that, because he wasn’t a people person in the first place. Growing in his chest, there was a hole, for he was actually rather fond of his village people. Having brushed all the dirt off of his pants, he began to trek across the desert. In the distance he saw a majestic castles, silhouetted against the setting sun. Just as he had made the decision to approach said castle, he heard a blood-curdling scream from behind him. Knowing that it would probably be a bad idea to pursue the scream, he continued toward the castle. Lights illuminated the castle windows, and the old man could make out a few shadowy figures as he drew closer.

“My name is Manuel,” the gate-keeper said, with a thick Mexican accent. Nodding his head, the old man pushed him aside. “Ouch,” said Manuel.

“Please, I barely touched you,” the old man mumbled and entered the castle. “Quaint,” he huffed. Right then, a suit of armor next to him shifted its position, extending its foot and tripping the old man.

“So rude,” said Manuel, peeking out from inside the suit of armor.

“Tripping the guest. Figures,” the old man snapped, standing up and gripping his hip.

“Uncivilized visitants do not merit proper discourse,” Manuel replied in a monotonous Mexican voice. Very carefully, the old man walked toward him, a fist in the air.

“Why I outta–” the old man started.

“Xerox a handwritten objection and transfer it to me via the data processor in the concavity over there,” Manuel completed the old man’s sentence and walked off. Yelling at the top of his lungs for Manuel to come back, the old man stormed after the Mexican.

ZAP! Manuel shot the old man with a ray gun saying, “Humanoid indeed. And Kenneth pondered over my intergalactic paraphernalia.”

*Hay~this has been a REALLY fun Mini Manuel Memoir! Thanks to a Daily Prompt by The Daily Post.

*Tay~this was thoroughly entertaining, and very difficult; but overall lots of fun to do! Thanks for the prompt!