Writing 101, Day One: Unlock the Mind


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Writing 101, Day One: Unlock the Mind

To get started, let’s loosen up. Let’s unlock the mind. Today, take twenty minutes to free write. And don’t think about what you’ll write. Just write.


Dinosaurs. I believe I could find a way to coexist with dinosaurs. I mean, not all of them were dangerous. A triceratops for example. She is gentle, kind, old, and never intentionally harms anything. She is an herbivore. The velociraptor. He is young, energetic, and vicious. He is troubled, mislead, and maybe he didn’t have the best parents. It isn’t his fault he drifts toward the carnivorous side. The tyrannosaurus-rex. He is old, grumpy, and republican, sitting on his late Cretaceous style porch yelling at all the little velociraptors to get away from his lowlands and watching his little pygmy versions run around him and playing in the dirt. Hundreds of miles away, lives the family of a timid diplodocus. The tips of the trees around them are almost barren, for they have been living in this area for quite a while. Soon there will be no more leaves at the tops of the trees and they’ll either have to stoop their necks to reach the bottoms, or move on to a new location, hopefully avoiding their predators. They don’t fear the feisty velociraptor boys that surround them at night, for one swing of a magnificent neck could take out two, maybe three, little brats. However, if Grampy Tyrannosaurus comes along, the friendly diplodocus has reason to fear. Good luck, my dear diplodocus.


Daily Prompt: Isn’t Your Face Red


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Daily Prompt: Isn’t Your Face Red.


Azalea: Wow, the last time I was embarrassed? Ya know, I try to repress these memories! The last embarrassing moment that I can remember was today. (Scarlet says, “What’d you do today?”) I was in my kitchen, all alone, and listening to my music very loud. VERY LOUD. I was singing and dancing. I was JAMMING! I was going hard, headbanging and jumping, and I was supposed to be doing the dishes. Oops. (Scarlet is talking about stinkbugs the entire time I am writing this.) Well just then I looked out the window and there was the UPS guy. Who knows how much he saw!! He dropped our package off and walked away. Yep, you know how I dealt with it? I looked over my shoulder and then continued my routine.



Scarlet: When was the last time I was embarrassed? It was probably last week when my phone dialed my mom in class, it’s been glitching lately. I cracked my screen and it’s been glitching, so it’s doing all kinds of weird things. So it automatically put itself on speakerphone and my mom was yelling my name–Im sorry my sister is eating cottonballs. Wanna say hi?–because she was afraid because I called her and I wasn’t answering her. So, she was just kinda yelling my name and my teacher, Mr. V, asked if I wanted to pick up and go outside and straighten things out with her. But I just completely ignored him and reached down and turned off my phone. And that’s how I dealt with it. (As translated directly through the phone)

MMM #1 / Daily Prompt #1


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Mini Manuel Memoir #1

Daily Prompt: A to Z from The Daily Post

A long time ago in a land far, far away an old man was crushed by a meteor. Because he was so old, the people of his village did not bother to search for his crushed and possibly incinerated body. Centuries later, the man crawled out from under the meteor as though nothing had happened.

“Danged meter! You done crushed me!” he yelled. Eerie silence greeted him, as the town had disintegrated years ago and the man was alone. For a moment, the man was happy about that, because he wasn’t a people person in the first place. Growing in his chest, there was a hole, for he was actually rather fond of his village people. Having brushed all the dirt off of his pants, he began to trek across the desert. In the distance he saw a majestic castles, silhouetted against the setting sun. Just as he had made the decision to approach said castle, he heard a blood-curdling scream from behind him. Knowing that it would probably be a bad idea to pursue the scream, he continued toward the castle. Lights illuminated the castle windows, and the old man could make out a few shadowy figures as he drew closer.

“My name is Manuel,” the gate-keeper said, with a thick Mexican accent. Nodding his head, the old man pushed him aside. “Ouch,” said Manuel.

“Please, I barely touched you,” the old man mumbled and entered the castle. “Quaint,” he huffed. Right then, a suit of armor next to him shifted its position, extending its foot and tripping the old man.

“So rude,” said Manuel, peeking out from inside the suit of armor.

“Tripping the guest. Figures,” the old man snapped, standing up and gripping his hip.

“Uncivilized visitants do not merit proper discourse,” Manuel replied in a monotonous Mexican voice. Very carefully, the old man walked toward him, a fist in the air.

“Why I outta–” the old man started.

“Xerox a handwritten objection and transfer it to me via the data processor in the concavity over there,” Manuel completed the old man’s sentence and walked off. Yelling at the top of his lungs for Manuel to come back, the old man stormed after the Mexican.

ZAP! Manuel shot the old man with a ray gun saying, “Humanoid indeed. And Kenneth pondered over my intergalactic paraphernalia.”

*Hay~this has been a REALLY fun Mini Manuel Memoir! Thanks to a Daily Prompt by The Daily Post.

*Tay~this was thoroughly entertaining, and very difficult; but overall lots of fun to do! Thanks for the prompt!

So we begin….


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Hello Sweet World. We are the Scarlet Azaleas. Our names are Taylor and Hayley; ages 16 and 17. Allow us to tell you a little more about ourselves.

My name is Hayley. I live in upstate New York in the middle of No Where. I am a 17 year old brunette with brown eyes and lots of freckles. My free time is spent listening to music, social networking or writing. I listen to basically every kind of music, and I also write many different things. Music happens to be my only refuge. I make sure to include each genre in my music playlist from classical to heavy metal, gospel to rap. Going along with music, I sing and I dance. I also write several different things including short stories, long stories, never-to-be-finished stories, and also poetry and I’m working on a screen-play. I keep to myself for the most part, and only when I’m with my few true friends will I display and outgoing personality. Being that I am not so interesting, that is all I have to say about myself, though I am sure I will have plenty to talk about later on. 🙂

My name is Taylor, I also live in upstate New York, though I’m a while away from my beloved cousin above^^^. I have ash brow hair with a blond streak in the middle i guess? I usually part it to the side, but it looks kinda reverse skunkish when i put it up. My eyes are blue green, they change depending on the color I’m wearing usually. I have very poor eyesight, and am legally blind in the US, i usually wear contacts but when I’m feeling lazy i just throw on my glasses. I pretty much like everything, there are very few activities that i wont have fun doing besides socializing and playing baseball (insert traumatic childhood memory here).  I LOVE all types of music, i play the viola, violin, guitar, and piano (kind of). I read, I write, I knit, I make jewelry, I draw, and i pretty much spend 10 hours a day on the computer hiding away in my antisocial corner. So yeah!

The two of us are now working on an A Capella  version of The Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. We will be performing it in a talent show in Pennsylvania on August 3rd. We are stoked!! We also have a character collab named Manuel. He is a fictional character which we have each incorporated into one of our stories. He is a genius like you’ve never seen before, and what’s with his extreme lack of emotion? Manuel is hiding something and we are here to figure out what it is. Every once in a while we will incorporate a Mini Manuel Memoir into our blog. We hope you enjoy our company!


Thanks for reading!

~Hay and Tay